Community Outreach

Our Involvement

At ICS we are passionate about bridging the educational gap in developing communities beyond our borders. Currently, one major outreach we are involved in is in Liberia. There, our focus has been to provide education and educational resources to villages without the means. We provide aid to schools in the villages of Yandahun, Coopata, and Ducor Bundu.

How we are involved

  • Train and fund local high school graduates to become certified teachers
  • Hire foreign teachers to provide education to children and to train future teachers
  • We provide school supplies (books, paper, pencils, etc.)
  • Routine maintenance of school facilities

Our Vision

The focus of our involvement in liberia is to train and provide resources that could help the liberian community become educationally self sufficient. By training locals to become certified teachers we are bridging the gap. Our involvement in Liberia has made us deeply aware of the educational needs in other developing countries. We hope to someday soon extend our aid to many other communities in different countries.

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